Failure to pay is a serious problem for the employer, and we help provide serious remedies.

Our legal team will walk you through the difficult process of filing your claim, appearing in court, and collecting the documents and witnesses needed to prevent a company's attorneys from using unregulated tactics to win.

Call to schedule a consultation with Minnesota Center for Wage Theft to see what we can do for your workplace related issue.

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Keep an Employment Lawyer in Your Corner

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No one should have to feel uncomfortable or discriminated against in the workplace. Minnesota Center for Wage Theft will fight for your rights when you feel you're being treated unfairly or harassed at your job.

We have decades of experience navigating the tricky Twin Cities court systems. Our knowledgeable attorneys will guide you through what can be an overwhelming process, dissecting the evidence of your work-related grievance and presenting it so your case gets the acknowledgement it deserves.

From wage disputes where you're being shorted for the time you worked to unfair termination, you can rely on us to fight for your rights. Minnesota Center for Wage Theft works hard to find a satisfactory solution to your case and get you the money you deserve for any employer wrongdoings that have caused you suffering

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