Since graduating from William Mitchell College of Law and joining the Minnesota Bar Association in 1987, in a career spanning over 35 years and over 2,000 cases focused almost exclusively in the many areas of employment litigation including numerous, high profile sexual harassment cases involving large parties including:

· The Stroh Brewing Company
· Hooters of America
· Pfizer
· Many other national and international companies

As a testament to the confidence his peers have in his ability to deliver high caliber representation, Mr. Satre has repeatedly been retained by fellow attorneys as their representative and consultant in connection with their personal employment matters resulting in the successful litigation of some of the most significant employment matters on behalf of members of the Minnesota Bar Association.

Eric Satre was a founding partner at Jones, Satre, & Weimer. He co-chaired the firm's Employment Practice Group and the Wages and Overtime Practice Group. Prior to Jones, Satre, & Weimer, Mr. Satre was a founding Partner and Litigation Manager for Peterson, Connor & Satre, a nationally recognized firm which concentrated primarily in litigating sexual harassment and other labor and employment matters. Mr. Satre is a former Board Member of the Minnesota Chapter of the National Employment Lawyer's Association.

Mr. Satre's highly esteemed reputation as an authority in the employment area has resulted in him receiving numerous awards. Mr. Satre's peers have recognized him as a "Super Lawyer" many times through the Journal of Law and Politics polls, and named him one of the "Top 40 Employment Law Super Lawyers in Minnesota"

He is frequently invited to lecture at continuing legal education programs, not only for employment law practitioners but also for mainstream bar association members with both the Hennepin County Bar Association and the Dakota County Bar Association. In addition, he has been publicly recognized as a commentator on employment matters and has been sought after by several lawyers and law firms to represent them in their legal matters.

In connection with his work in those areas, Mr. Satre was invited to comment on employment matters on the MacNeil Lehrer Report, Almanac, Wisconsin Public Radio, ABC Nightly News and CBS News shows. In addition, he has provided commentary on employment law-related matters for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

In 2012, Mr. Satre co-authored the 2nd Edition of EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES LIABILITY: Guide toRisk Exposures and Coverage for the National Underwriter Company. In brief, the contributions made by Mr. Satre to this edition serve to assist businesses in the following areas:

1. Recognizing areas that may expose a company/employer to litigation due to questionable employment practices.
2. Development of practices aimed at reducing potential exposure.
3. Recommendations on securing liability coverage for employment risks.


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